Alezdehar Real Estate Co.

Alezdihar Real Estate Company has been always aware of the urgent need to afford modern housing solutions of high quality , especially among the increasing population of the youth segment. Therefore, Alezdihar was successful in meeting the rapidly growing demand for modern and high-quality residential units. In spite of this rising demand, Alizdihar does not only seek to develop high-end real estate keeping up global standards, but at the same time, contributes to providing a variety of high-quality housing solutions. However, Alezdihar has constantly been committed to excellence and eager to consolidate its position as one of the top-ranked companies among the real estate development companies in the Kingdom, yet, characterized by the modern spirit and innovative ideas.

The executive management at Alezdihar Real Estate Company manages all projects of the company from A to Z, from initial concept development, through researches, design along until the final delivery. This management, through all of its phases, guarantees facilitating highlyprofessional communication and coordination between project managers, designers, consultants, engineers, contractors in a smooth and highly professional manner.

At Alizdihar, we have an objective to reshape the housing environment style in a way that reflects a wonderful mixture of innovation and modernity with traditions, thus, with a futuristic vision and creative look.

Ever since the establishment of Alezdihar, we have developed our values and fundamentals to deal with our customers, from commitment ,maintaining the highest standards of quality, combined with innovation and creative style. Also, Alizdihar is keen to assess and meet customers’ need to be pioneers in the development of innovative modern societies.

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