Alpha Medical Co.

Based In Riyadh, Alpha Medical Company established itself in 2010 , thus, soon afterward was able to earn the trust of top hospitals in the KSA due to the extended experience of its staff and the quality of its products.

Being always on the spot with surgeons while doing their operations, and its exceptional Know how in selection suppliers are among the other pillars of success for Alpha Medical Cmpany.

Alpha Medical company deals with the largest hospitals in the Kingdom, including:

  • National Guard Hospitals.
  • University Hospitals
  • Military Hospitals
  • King Faisal Specialist Hospitals
  • Security Forces Hospitals
  • Hospitals of the Ministry of Health
  • Private Hospitals

Alpha Medical Company has sponsored and encouraged different exhibits and of medical conferences, above all, it’s contribution to the conferences organized by the Saudi Orthopedic Society.

Alpha Medical Company prides to work as an agent for a range of global leading companies in the medical field, including:

  • Brennen Medical, an American company specialized in skin grafts.
  • Allosource, an American company which supplies orthopedic grafts.
  • TBF Company of France, which supplies live grafts.
  • STELEN Company, specialized in nerves grafting and repair.
  • TST Company specialized in the supply of orthopedic plates for Pediatrics.

What’s more, Alpha Medical Company is constantly awarded open, annually renewed contracts by King Fahd National Guard Hospital and Prince Sultan Military Medical City.

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