Middle East Specialized Cables Co.

Middle East Specialized Cables (MESC) is a Saudi public shareholding Company with publicly-traded stocks at the Saudi Stock Exchange, ( MESC) established itself as a limited liability Company in 1992 and soon afterward turned out to be a shareholding and put percentage of its shares for subscription in 2007, The company, which has been since then chaired by Eng. AbdulAziz Mohammed Al-Namlah, operates with a capital of 600 million Saudi Riyals.

(MESC) and its affiliates produce a wide range of cables of various specifications, thus the number of its subcategories exceeds 5,000 now. Thus, there are three companies operating under (MESC), they are Middle East Specialized Cables Company of Jordan, a public shareholding company, and Almisk Company for medium and high voltage cables, private joint stock company registered in Jordan, and MESC company - Ras Al Khaimah, a limited liability company.

Aiming to perfection, (MESC)’s main focus was paid to quality and products perfection. Thus, over the last years, significant improvements have been applied to the technology to produce high-quality cables. ( MESC) always looked forward to lead the way in the field of cable production of various types. Thus, to achieve its vision , ( MESC) established new factories and acquired shares in existing factories as well.

Jordan New Cables Company ( JNCC) :
A public shareholding company of Jordan, established in 1992 as a manufacturer of low voltage power cables and electrical wires. Now, (MESC) acquires 54% of its shares and thereby controls the company.

MESC-Fujikura Cable :
A joint stock company established 2007 with Saudi Japanese and Jordanian partnership. ( MESC) owns 56% of the company’s shares and also controls it. MESC-Fujikura specializes in manufacturing of medium and high voltage power cables, yet, its initial production was in 2009.

Al-sharjah Cables Company:
Established in 1984 in Sharjah-UAE, then the whole shares of it were acquired by (MESC). It produces flexible cables and covers the demand of East Africa.

MESC Cables on RAK-UAE:
100% owned by ( MESC), it is dedicated to supplying the UAE and the Gulf countries with specialized cables and wires, flexible cables, control cables for industrial equipments and instruments. The production on commercial level started in 2010.

MESC Specialized Cables Company and Group is the leading manufacturer of industrial cables, including data transfer cables, instruments cables and process control cables which are mainly used in the industrial labs, oil refineries, and petrochemical plants with the role of remote controlling of the data and measurements, in addition to system cables which are used in telephones and computers. They carry radio signals, data, communication, control and alarms, system cables are widely used in hotels, hospitals and commercial complexes.

Other products of ( MESC) are fire resistant cables, low, medium and high voltage cables and power transfer cables which are used to carry and distribute electricity across the networks and inside the industrial labs, oil refining labs as well as petrochemical plants. Certainly , (MESC) serves both the public and private sector with its different high-end products in accordance to the global standards.

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